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There Is A Lot Going On In The World Of Green Technology These Days!

Green Technology

In regards to the world going green, believe it or not, green technology is just getting started. There are so many different alternative solutions out there for every aspect of our daily live. It is hard to know which is the best to go with that is effective for your needs. Especially when you realize that some of the things out there that are meant to “save the planet” actually can damage the planet.

So while we have this aspect in mind, you should know that there is recent green technology that is being perfected that can help provide the things we need like energy, power, transportation, and not damage the depleting ozone.

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Solar Powered Gadgets You Don’t Want To Be Without

Solar Powered Gadgets

In the name and for the sake of saving the Earth, the environment and all things that are quickly depleting, including bank accounts, everyone is jumping on board with the green technology thing.

Here are some solar powered gadgets that you aren’t going to want to do without once you read this!

Solar Shingles

No, not solar panels … Solar shingles! Those solar panels that you’re seeing on everyone’s rooftop are bulky and let’s face it, ugly. For the green-minded homeowner that still wants to look good, solar shingles are the answer. These are actually miniature panels that contain photo-voltaic cells and lie flat just like the asphalt shingles you have today. This green technology provides weather protection but they also generate energy.

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Before You Build That Solar Powered House …..

 Solar Powered House

The past ten years, solar rooftops for sustainable homes and lifestyles are more the common than the oddity. What many people don’t know is that this technology was available since WWII with solar-powered satellites used by NASA and passive solar heating systems.

But getting this active solar system into the mainstream of residential homes has been challenging at best, partly because of expense and partly because of ignorance. There are voltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity and this have been an expensive and prohibitively technology, but it is coming down to more affordable costs.

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Be A Clothes Minimalist In 5 East Steps

Are you getting on board with going green and being more sustainable with your possession here on Earth? One place to work on that you probably haven’t thought about is your closet!  Think about it for a minute. Clothes are a huge part of your life and many of us have way more than we need.

Here 5 steps you can to simplify your wardrobe which will simplify your life and create a higher quality living. You too can become a nomad eco-fashionista and curate a wardrobe of clothes that is sustainable:

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