Wind is a part of nature and all around us. It is am environmentally friendly alternative source of energy. But that isn’t anything new. The world has been using wind power for thousands of years for many uses.

And we have even more uses for wind power today with 5 of the best ways to use this power source will be discussed here.Turbines: A wind turbine generates energy by capturing the power and then converts into energy. This is done on a broad scale on wind farms and on a small scale such as personal wind turbines. Even businesses are taking advantage of the wind energy with on-site micro turbines.

Get Your Motor Running With Wind Power

Recently, in Australia, a wind-powered vehicle has hit the roadway. Using the wind for 100% of its power by way of kites, it traveled over 3000 miles at a cost of $10 to $15. There were batteries and kites working with the wind, but it proved it can be done.

Setting Sail With Cargo Ships

Wind energy has proven to be an energy source for cargo ships too. Sailboats have used wind power for thousands of years, but never to power big cargo ships. Using one huge kite, a cargo ship could gather enough wind power to reduce its fuel consumption as well as its CO2 emissions.

Sports Is Wind – Powered

When you look at things like kite-flying, kite-surfing, hang-gliding, para-sailing, wind-skiing, and wind-surfing, the wind has always been a part of sports. Nothing new here, so keep on keeping on!

Water Pumped by Wind Energy

The wind helps pump water, again, nothing new. But what we’re finding out is that wind power can help communities and even countries by tapping the power from the wind to get water pumped to these places.

Bring Wind Power Home

The wind is one of our best renewable resources and there is an abundance of wind energy all around the world. More and more companies are taking note to all the things that this alternative energy source can do.

There are many different uses as an alternative energy and creativity for collecting it is wide and varied. Social media is a key factor to wind power becoming more popular, just like anything else today. Because of social media making the public more aware of wind energy, businesses are being moved to make it an essential and necessary component to their operation. Everyone wants to be liked on social media today!

And for residential use small turbines are where it’s at. They produce as much energy as you need and are installed on short towers. If you’re considering getting set up for wind turbine at home, you need to get a site evaluation first to determine where to place the tower for the turbine to perform as intended.  A good amount of cash is needed to get wind energy source set up.  The ROI you’ll get should be the factor you need to consider and focus on. There are several states that offer incentives for residential wind turbines. It may be worth your time to find out.