For decades, fossil fuels have powered this country, and today, we now know that when it comes to the environment, they aren’t the best way to be powered. So, we are seeking better ways to power this universe without relying on fossil fuel, hoping to reverse the damage we’ve already caused and not cause any more damage.

Besides the decades of Co2 emissions we’ve emitted into the atmosphere with fossil fuel, the weather patterns have changed, wildlife behavior has changed, and human health issues and problems have changed. These factors have increased interest in green energy. As A Result, we ask, “Is this green technology we’re using for green energy helping? Or has it just caused other concerns?”

Time Are A Changing! 

Has clean energy reached a watershed point in time? Now, we face mitigating the damaging impact on the environment. What about the economics of it all, though? Clean, green energy has proven to be cheaper for us, but is it destroying the economic viability of old school energy like coal production? 

Nobody can argue that green energy is cleaner energy, and thanks to technology, we can now implement green energy on a larger scale. Such as, depending on hydro, solar, and windy for power. Now, we have to question, are these forms of green energy helping the environment, really? 

Is Green Energy Really Green?

Does it being totally renewable really make it green? Because it is a renewable source, hydro, solar, wind, they will always exist, as long as the earth is spinning. Solar farms are more common in the UK and solar panels are becoming more common in the US. In fact, because of solar power, many homeowners are enjoying energy tariffs.

The energy suppliers that have had a grip on the energy we’ve all come to depend on have recognized how vital green energy is to their customer base. Now, the government is pushing them to increase renewable energy for electricity and other forms of power.  Are we headed toward phasing out the traditional energy sources we’ve always known so that we can reduce the environmental damage we’ve done?

Maybe Green Energy Isn’t as Green as Thought 

The definition and mean of “green” can be interpreted in different ways. How it relates to gases and the harmful impact they leave on how it relates to the landscape. If either of these is the focus, then we may not be as ‘green’ as we think we are. For the world to be greener with solar farms, wind farms, then what about the damage we’re doing by the clearing of land to make way for those farms?

By clearing grassland and trees to make way for these “green” farms, we’re taking away one of the most vital parts of living: Co2. Yes, for every tree we plow down, we are taking some Co2 out of the atmosphere. So, are we being counterproductive? What consequences are we setting up for ourselves?