Manufacturers are making products that are making it easier for consumers to practice a greener lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

The cutting-edge technologies that bring us the ability to control the lighting at home when we aren’t there.  Or the multitude of smart appliances on the market today that reduce the energy used which reduces our utility costs. There is a myriad environmental technology items that help us make for more sustainable homes. Today, experts say that the 3rd biggest factor in a homeowner’s purchase of things for the home is the energy it uses with features and initial cost being first and second. The environmental technology industry has seen a huge growth in products that are sustainable for the home.

Energy Costs A Major Concern

While we all know that we need to be kinder to the Earth, our quest for energy saving is more for our own pockets. In 2011, a survey of 1,250 homeowners found that over half of them were more concerned about their utility bills when purchasing large appliances. 35% of those surveyed said their choices were based on environmental concerns.

So what kind of environmental technology is out there to help you save money on the utility end while helping the environment?  A few examples are:


There isn’t anything new about smart thermostats today. However, there are some that are more on their game than others. The same people who designed your iPod also designed the Nest Learning Thermostat. It takes your personal lifestyle, routine, and schedule and adjusts the temperature in your home for you using algorithms and cloud computing.

This thermostat has a modern, sleek, stainless steel look which is aesthetic with any decor. You can adjust it from your computer or your smartphone.  Now this doesn’t come cheap! You can expect to spend around $250 to acquire this high-tech gadget. But you can expect to save as much as $1,000 annually on your energy bill with this environmental technology gadget.

Smart Appliances

The new refrigerator from LG may be smarter than you want! It will track your diet for you! And an eco-friendly washing machine is ultra-fast and can hold a bigger load than other washing machines.

Light Up Automatically

LED lighting may have been the first in environmental technology and it certainly has been the push for some time now. LED lighting can help you cut back on your energy use while saving you money.

Now you can by custom-made hardware that will let you control energy-efficient lighting no matter where you are. The days of leaving lights when you went on a trip are gone. Today, you can program various lights around your home to turn off and on or even dim them. And it can all be controlled via your smartphone.

From the Ground and Going Up

Automated cool and heating controls, LED lighting, and other environmental technology gadgets aren’t the only ways to control your home’s energy use. Insulation in the attic, walls, and underneath can save on your bills too. Making sure your attic has proper ventilation and staying on top of home maintenance and repairs can help too. From things like repairing or replacing dripping faucets, broken sprinkler heads or running toilets to getting the roof repaired can all help.