If you’re not sure how you can make an impact on the environment, we have found a few items that we think you’ll find pretty awesome! Using recycled good that come from biodegradable, sustainable materials and getting rid of single use products will minimize your carbon footprint contribution. Take a look at these cool green technology products that’ll make your Christmas gifts look awesome:

Start Making That Christmas List!

With Pencils with a purpose by the Good Pencil Company. This certified B-Corp supports a wide range of causes, both educational and environmental. Using only wood from forests that are responsibly managed, their pencils are come with a spruce tree see so you can plant a tree to contribute to the green growth of Earth.

You Don’t Need Paper For That Christmas List!

Every year, more than 200 million tons of paper is found in American landfills. Even with recycled paper, there is a lot of waste! One of the most awesome green technology products introduced this year is this reusable spiral notebook. It gives you glossy paper and a special erasable gel pen that dries in ten seconds and bonds until you take it off. Your notes can be scanned and saved to multiple cloud storage services in a PDF.

What To Put On That Christmas List?

These three toys are considered Green Toys an come from recycled plastic, like milk cartons. Sesame Street Elmo’s Wagon, Elmo Watering Can Activity Set, and Ocean Bound Tide Pool Set. Kids that receive these awesome gifts will not only have fun with them, but they’ll be a part of it.


With the reusable batteries, your fretful days of throwing batteries in the trash are going to be the most popular thing on any Christmas list. After a long recharging, they are ready to go for one of the longest life spans known to household batteries.

Put the World In Their House!

Show that special person on your Christmas list they mean the world to you with a MOVA decorative globe. Using only solar cell technology, it rotates silently, without batteries or wiring, in any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight.