Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes

In an effort to streamline the options for green technology and sustainable living, house manufacturers have begun to make available pre-fabricated homes which are energy efficient and affordable. Sometime referred to as modular homes, prefab houses have come far with design capabilities.

Prefab Homes Benefits

Prefab homes are just what it sounds like: “pre-fabricated”, meaning pre-made or already built. This simply means that modules for homes are constructed in a factory prior to moving them onto the site where the home will sit. This avoids delays such as weather problems, and allows for quicker inspections as that is finished in the factory. Once the modules are on the building site, it only takes a few days to assemble them, and then a few more weeks prior to occupancy for items such as wiring, plumbing, grading, and landscaping.

Prefab homes are often much less expensive than a stick-build style. And there are still many options to choose from for personal needs. And the quality of prefab homes is held high by the government with local, municipal, and federal codes which are applicable.

Prefab Homes Sustainability

Although modular homes may have heard some grumblings in the past about quality, the new improved modular homes of today are fighting back by rethinking production, waste, and sustainability. Prefabricated homes are much less wasteful, often reducing waste for a home down to only 10%, compared to the 30% waste of an on-site building process.

Measurements for prefab homes are precise and houses are tightly sealed in order to conserve energy. High quality insulation and windows are often part of the manufacturing process in these modular homes. Water conservation in these homes may be as low as 1/3 of a standard site-built home, and many of them are created to produce electricity through solar power generation and other green technology. Many recycled features are also offered, such as counter-tops and flooring.

Prefab Homes Aesthetics

As the new trend for modular homes continues to develop, styles and designs are becoming increasingly more attractive. With a modern look, clean lines, and multi-functioning spaces bring them right into the current movements of home-building. Although there are many options for design in prefab homes, many of them incorporate of the look of natural materials and green technology to appeal to elements and attractiveness of sustainable living.

Several Prefab companies are making strides in the United States and Europe as energy efficiency grows, thus the prefab housing market is likely to grow in the future as green technology continues to develop. Cost effective, energy efficient, waste-reducing, modern design, and comfort all equal a modular home market which adds up to success.