In the corporate world, there are two types of job categories, the blue-collared jobs, and the white-collared jobs, but have you heard of green jobs? A way to achieve growth and development of a green economy is through the creation of the fastest growing green jobs. Green workers are employed in the environment sector. They are the ones who apply for technological advances, create sustainable designs, and implement policies towards sustainability.

Green workers should be knowledgeable about the goal of sustainability and they should possess skills and abilities that can help create a greener environment. There are increasing numbers of sectors that are being environmentally conscious that open the doors for green opportunities. Here are what green jobs aim for:

  • Improve the utilization of energy and raw materials efficiency
  • Limit or zero-out greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regulates waste and pollution from the production industry
  • Maintain, protect, and restore natural resources
  • Create effective ways on how to cope with the effects of climate change

Why Is Green Jobs Vital To the Economy

For a country to achieve sustainability there is a need to create greener jobs. Creating green jobs not only helps ensure the restoration and preservation of the natural environment, but it helps the citizens have a sustainable livelihood. Now that awareness for environmental issues is needed, green skills will assist in making sure that sustainable practices are well implemented.

For a country to be called progressive there shouldn’t be a significant percentage of unemployment.  Job creation that drives shared and sustainable economic growth is one of the important reasons why green jobs are vital to the economy. No matter how rich a country is, if there is no growth in future employment different industries will suffer due to lack of manpower.

Fastest Growing Green Jobs

Environmental engineer

Environmental engineer includes mechanical, radioactive, thermal, biological, and chemical engineering. Some of the job descriptions of environmental engineers are that it improves water reclamation and it helps in air pollution control systems. They make sure that operating procedures are well delivered and they also update and maintain plans.

It is considered as one of the fastest growing green jobs because the environmental issues that they deal with are timely. They help in waste disposal, improve recycling, boost public health, and manage air and water pollution control.

Wind turbine technician

As the name implies, the wind turbine technician ensures the smooth operation of wind technologies. They are the ones responsible for installing, inspecting, operating, and doing repairs and maintenance of wind turbines. For some skilled and experienced wind turbine technicians, they also build wind turbines.

Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists have the highest knowledge about natural sciences. It is their specialty to find ways on how to directly protect the environment as well as human health. They specifically target pollution by regulating and controlling resources that can contribute to pollution. It is considered as one of the fastest growing green jobs because they are the ones responsible for analyzing the dangers and effects of the ecosystems. They have the power to empower other industries to also go green.

Recycling worker

Recycling workers process recyclable materials. It is on their job description to ensure that hazardous materials are properly disposed of to avoid spreading harm to the environment and humans. Recycling workers are a big help to the community because they maintain cleanliness.  Wastes are the leading factors that cause environmental destruction. Nowadays, this is one of the fastest-growing green jobs because green cities invest in manpower to solve waste problems.

Benefits of Green Jobs

  • It builds economy

The green economy is not just about investing in green technology, but it also means helping the locals to be stable. Green workers help ensure that natural resources are well utilized so that the budget is well allocated. There will be a decreased operational cost for additional saving revenues for economic development.

  • It supports 100% clean energy future

Green workers not only apply sustainability measures, but through their support, the vision to a clean energy future makes it more possible. Different sources of energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal rely on green workers to operate. Green jobs create products and services and implement ecologically sustainable processes.

  • Accessible even for those without a college degree

Not all green jobs require a college degree. As long as you are an environment-conscious and have the passion to promote sustainability, you are for sure qualified. Achieving a green economy through the help of green jobs is also non-discriminatory.

Final Thoughts

The fastest growing green jobs help sustain economic growth. Like other corporate jobs, green jobs also deserve stability and recognition. They are doing a great job in improving the environment. There may be a shortage of skills in the environmental sector that is why people need to be aware of these roles to see if they fit.