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Just How Green Is That Green Technology You’re Using for Green Energy?

For decades, fossil fuels have powered this country, and today, we now know that when it comes to the environment, they aren’t the best way to be powered. So, we are seeking better ways to power this universe without relying on fossil fuel, hoping to reverse the damage we’ve already caused and not cause any more damage.

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Are Solar Panels “Green” Themselves?

So, we know the purpose of having solar panels and how solar panels work. However, what the industry, or the entire world didn’t think through was, what is to be done with them when they aren’t any good? Nor did we think through the process of manufacturing them. 

Now, the government is asking about sustainability reports from the companies that manufacture solar panels. Constructing solar panels requires acidic chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid and sodium hydroxide, along with electricity and water. 

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Green Technology Is Sustainable Technology, But What Is That Exactly?

Green technology and sustainable technology are, environmentally friendly actions and materials and the impact, long term and short term, each has on the environment. It is the effort we put forth to be energy efficient, and use renewable resources, our recycling of what we can, and simply using products and technology that are green.

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