The energy sector that includes the transportation industry is one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. With the increasing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, it becomes the number 1 contributor to global warming. The only way to lessen the negative impact of the transportation system on the environment is to shift into the use of electric vehicles. There are a lot of organizations that researched to support the idea that electric vehicles are greener compared to fuel vehicles. There are debates if electric vehicles are indeed sustainable.

What Makes Electric Vehicles Sustainable?

A transportation system can be sustainable if it promotes the health of humans and the environment as well as reducing environmental footprint. When you say the electric vehicle, it always has the “clean” label attached to it. The idea that electric vehicles are sustainable is because it doesn’t emit toxic and greenhouse gases. However, these types of vehicles are not created equal. There are electric vehicles that utilize rechargeable batteries that still emit few emissions.

If you are into sustainability, make sure that the vehicle that you will invest in uses renewable resources.  Solar, wind, or biofuels are the ideal renewable resources that will sustainably operate it. An efficient example of how to operate an electric vehicle without the use of rechargeable batteries is by installing solar panels. If you have a solar panel on its roof, its batteries are charged automatically. Installing solar panels to it is costly but those who invest in it attest to have a return of investment.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

As long as you are using a certified sustainable electric vehicle, it gives advantages not only to the environment but also to humans. These are the list of beneficial effects of using an electric vehicle compared to a fuel-operated vehicle.

  1. It is better for the environment

Some electric vehicles still have emissions, especially those that are battery-operated. However, if you will compare the emissions that a gas-powered vehicle emits, the emission from a battery-operated vehicle is not even ¼ of it so, it still has a huge difference so, it can help make the air cleaner.

  • Cheaper usage

Investing in an electric vehicle is expensive, but in the long run, you can save more since electricity is cheaper than gasoline. If you want to efficiently use your vehicle without spending further costs daily, installing solar panels is the best option. Even though you will be spending thousands of dollars upfront, you will surely have a return on investment. There is no need to purchase batteries or gasoline to power it daily.

  • Maintenance is less frequent and less expensive

When it comes to maintenance, green vehicle requires less maintenance. It doesn’t make use of gasoline or oil, so change oil is no longer needed. It utilizes regenerative braking that has properties that do not wear easily so brake replacement is lessened or even zeroed out.

  • Less noise

Aside from air pollution, noise pollution is also one of the disadvantages of the fuel-operated vehicle because of its internal combustion engine. The electric vehicle makes use of an electric motor that operates with almost no sound lessening noise pollution. This characteristic of an electric vehicle is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Its disadvantage is that pedestrians are not alarmed if there is an incoming car that may lead to accidents.

  • It can possibly shorten commute time

In European countries that already make use of electric vehicles, there is a designated lane for them. There are still a high number of conventional vehicles that is why the lanes for electric vehicles are still spacious, so no need to pass by high traffic area.

Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

The benefits of an electric vehicle are evident but there are also downsides. To consider if you want to invest in it, it is important to be aware of it.

  1. Large initial investment

To be able to produce an electric vehicle, advanced technology is required that is costly. Owning it requires you to have a large initial amount. With the eco-friendly features that it has, you will enjoy a return of investment. It might take months or even years to say that you indeed have a return of investment.

  • There are fewer choices

If you are into aesthetics, you might not enjoy the design as well as the model of electric vehicles. There are limited options to choose from. Good thing, it is continually growing so there is a higher chance that top of the line car models will eventually venture into greener vehicles.

  • Short driving range and speed

Most electric vehicles can only run at around 5-100 miles whether it is battery-operated or solar-powered. If it is battery-operated, you need to recharge it within that mile. If it is solar-powered, it can run longer if you have stored energy. One of the reasons why these types of cars have a short driving range and speed because this is a way by which manufacturers can extend its battery life.

Final Thoughts

The invention of electric vehicles is one of the greatest advancements of technology. Its use is geared towards sustainability. Right now, awareness is needed to influence other people to practice sustainability. With its proven benefits, there are still drivers who are quite hesitant to shift from traditional gas-powered cars to electric vehicles. The misconceptions instilled in the minds of people and the budget is the common reasons why until now not all are not into green vehicles yet.