Kids today, young adults, think that this “going green” and recycling is new and all their idea. News flash! This isn’t a recent phenomenon folks! It started in the last century with electric taxis and various types of windmill, even solar energy has been around a long, long time.

The advantages of green technology, clean technology, Greentech, environmental technology, whatever label you want to give it, has been around longer than most of us walking on the planet today. It was the start of the 1990s that it gained a following and interest though. Do you really understand that green technology is and what advantages of green technology you utilize?

We all understand that green technology includes different processes that protect the environment as it repairs and revives the ecosystems we have already damaged.

Some examples of green technology and the advantages of green technology are:

  • Recycling: More than solid waste management and waste incineration technology, but the different wastewater treatments processes, and other recycling technologies that are more eco-friendly.
  • Renewable energy technology: Or alternative energy production is the use of renewable natural resources like the sun, water, wind, and wood.
  • Purifying Water: Besides technology for water purification, we’re taking it around the world with different activities and campaigns to purify water for other countries around the world, including sewage treatment facilities and process, making life healthier for more people.
  • Purifying Air: Plant cultivation and eliminating CO2 for fresher air.
  • Environmental Remediation: Removing contaminants and pollutants from the general environment, protecting the Earth for everyone to enjoy.
  • Conserving Energy: The development of electrical devices that use less energy which leads to less electricity consumption that takes fossil fuels.

Advantages of green technology are enormous, with the most important benefits for the environment are:

  • Using the renewable resources won’t deplete where the come from in nature, leaving them for the future generations without harming Earth.
  • Using the latest environmental technology for energy generation techniques combined from green chemistry and green engineering.
  • Environmental solutions are available for disposal and recycling, effectively changing waste production without harming the environment.
  • No adverse effect on Earth from green technology uses and creates sustainable energy production.

In information technologies, the application of devices and gadgets that reduce energy consumption in the name of saving the environment. Some of those things like electric or hybrid cars, solar panels, smart phones, even computers and tablets that require less battery power, and energy efficient monitors. Every day, there are more and more green devices and gadgets introduced on the market and there doesn’t seem to be an end.

Green technology aka sustainable energy includes production technologies like bioreactors, recycling, photovoltaic, and wind turbines. Also, environmental technology that is related to electronic devices promoting sustainable resources management. An all-encompassing term, green technology is dealing with science and technology that protects the environment while making our lives easier.

Examples of Green Technology

Green technology has become more popular in recent years. All sectors are trending towards environmentalism, whether it is of their own conscious decision or forced by local, state, and federal government. From the ban of plastic straws in restaurants to transiting to clean energy sources and purchasing carbon offsets, as a whole, society today is experiencing sustainability.

LED Lighting: A green tech example that can’t be beat! When we avoid incandescent lights, we get a substantial efficiency gain by using less energy. You don’t have to be a homeowner to benefit from this either!

Composting: This could be the best example of green tech. Exceedingly simple and anyone can do this. Some cities have made it illegal to dispose of food waste in the trash. There are services you pay to collect your discarded food to use for compost.  

Vertical Farming: An ecofriendly technology is the hypothesis of growing your own produce using stacked vertical layers instead of the horizontal farmland style. What are the benefits? Vertical farming is an increase in sustainability, some can be done without soil, and the requirement of water is minimal.

Green Technology: Nothing Worthwhile Is Cheap or Easy – At First

Green technology varies from devices like LED bulbs and programmable thermostats to solar panels and wind turbines. These all have a price tag, but the ROI is ongoing. Then there is low to no expense solutions like composting. As a society, we have to realize that there will be some growing pain, but the payback will be what we leave future generations.