What Makes Passive Houses Energy Efficient?

By   November 5, 2016

Wouldn’t you like to own a home that is the ultimate and beyond in energy efficiency? Passive houses just may be the answer for you. While you may currently live in a home that is Energy Star rated, passive houses are way ahead regarding energy saving and a smaller footprint. They have in many ways, raised the bar when it comes to being green. Continue reading »

Is Your Outdoor Lighting Ready For Winter?

By   November 2, 2016

Most of the United States is getting as much outdoor time as they can before Old Man Winter comes barging in. Unfortunately, we need to be using these last few days of good weather to prepare for those cold days and nights.

Ice, rain, snow, and the wind affect not only our body and energy bills but our outdoor lighting system too. And we aren’t talking about just the annual holiday lights that you put up. Continue reading »