The Benefits Of Prefab Homes Are Endless

By   November 25, 2016

A traditional site-built home is done a construction on the site where the home will sit. Prefabricated homes are built in large sections at a factory then transported to the site where the home will sit. Once the large pieces have arrived, they are assembled and placed on a foundation that has been poured earlier.

Prefab homes of today are also referred to as modular homes because they can be put together in a variety of ways with as many rooms as you desire. Continue reading »

Green Ways Can Help With Your Food and Cooking This Winter

By   November 20, 2016

When winter comes around, it can be easy to get lazy.  There is nothing better than to curl up on the sofa, drink hot chocolate and watch movies while we’re munching out on food you’ve been cooking. But that isn’t the healthiest way to live, we all know that.   Here, we are going offer you some suggestions and tips on things you can do to keep that healthy summer motivation going all winter: Continue reading »

Recycling – There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way

By   November 15, 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle … how often have you seen this mantra or slogan? We’re all concerned about the sustainability of earth and recycling has many benefits. But just over 34% of us are actually practicing recycling.  And many of that 34% that are recycling regularly are most likely doing it wrong!

To know if you’re recycling the right thing in the right way, make sure you understand what recycling is and the purpose of it. Recycling is reprocessing old/used things or re-purposing old/used things instead of buying new products. This is so that we can minimize and prevent waste of natural and useful materials. Continue reading »