As a salon manager or owner, your main focus is making your clients beautiful. But have you considered what your salon is doing to the environment?

Be that salon that goes green and can still make your clients feel and look beautiful without taking a toll on the environment.

Recycled Products: Sell Them And Use Them

You probably haven’t realized that we are dumping plastic in the oceans at the rate of over 10 million pounds a year.
And with the population still growing, that is only going to increase. So how does that affect you? The plastic bottles you use are ending up the oceans and that has a detrimental effect on animal life as well as the ecosystem.  Choose your products that come in recycled plastic to sell and use. You’ll have to do some label reading to know the difference in recycling codes. That little bit of time will help the environment one bottle at a time.

The Ingredients: No Animal Tested or Animal-Derived

Every year, more than 100 million animals die from being used for testing. And then, even more animals are captured then caged just for that testing purpose. Yes, this is somewhat of a plea to rid the world of animal cruelty, but it also is a plea to ease the sustainability concerns to the environment. This whole process disrupts the ecosystem balance of nature, which is expensive and risky. There are non-animal ways to do this. As an environmentally safe salon, you can help by choosing products that are conducive to being friendlier to the environment.

Keratin Treatment: Offer Formaldehyde-Free

Keratin treatments have always been a controversy, that isn’t anything new to any salon manager or owner. Many of the companies that produce them make false claims that their product is formaldehyde-free, which has been proven by testing in laboratories.  According to the EPA, these types of keratin treatments were proven to have formaldehyde in high levels. While it is an organic product, it is also known to cause cancer. You can help the environment by not selling or using these products and find the ones that are safe all the way around.

Your Décor: Eco-Friendly Is The Way To Go

You want your environmentally safe salon to look comfortable and inviting.  But you can choose décor that is friendly to the environment with art and decorations that are from recycled materials.  And when you re-paint next time, use VOC-free paint, which not only smells better but is better for the environment too.