It’s no secret that electric cars have become more popular in recent times. With companies like Tesla championing the use of electric cars for sustainable transportation, experts say it will only take a few more years until the world transition to electric vehicles.

But electric cars aren’t just good for the environment. They are also less expensive when you include maintenance and fuel costs. They are also quieter than gas vehicles. They’re also a lot safer based on experimental studies. No more noisy city with polluted air. Fewer road kills and hit-and-runs. So, what is there not to like?

The following are reasons why you should invest in new sustainable transportation:

Electric Cars Are Good for the Environment

Many people buy electric cars for environmental reasons. They want to reduce their carbon emissions and using an electric vehicle is 30% lower than petrol or diesel counterparts. This is also accounting for times when the electricity used to power them is produced from fossil fuels. As more countries use green methods to produce fuel, electric vehicles will get cleaner and cleaner. By that time, they will be 90% less carbon-intensive than petrol models.

Unlike gas-fueled cars, electric vehicles can also be powered with renewable resources like solar, water, and wind. Gasoline is created using oil which isn’t a natural resource and is not renewable. For more use of renewable energy, many owners of electric cars also have solar panels in their homes.

Electric Cars Reduce Air and Noise Pollution

Cities and urban areas suffer from constant air pollution due to smoke from gas-fueled cars. If everyone used electric cars, exhaust emissions will be eradicated. This will make the city air fresher and healthier for everyone. At their lowest speed, electric cars are practically silent. Even at high speeds, they are quieter than petrol or diesel cars. 

Electric Cars Can Save You Money

Electric vehicles are exempt from road tax in the UK. You don’t have to pay emission charges if you live in London. Because electric vehicles are much simpler to build, they don’t need costly service and maintenance costs. Plus, electric vehicles retain their value over time. They have a robust second-hand market in which even old cars can rise in value to 20% if sold again.

Recharging an electric vehicle is also more affordable than refueling a petrol or diesel car. This is even more affordable in states where there are tax benefits for using sustainable transportation and solar-powered carports or solar panels for your electricity. Electricity will always be cheaper than gas. Running an electric vehicle actually costs you only one-third of the cost of a gas-powered car. 

Save More Energy 

Electric motors are undoubtedly more efficient than combustion energy. They minimize energy waste and tend to put more energy into the battery of the car.  Electric vehicles also use regenerative braking to add to the energy in which the car needs to run. This is cost-free. 

Electric motors have no tailpipe emissions of air pollutants that harm people. Although there are still pollutants from tire wear and braking, overall there is less pollution than gas-fueled cars.

They are Fun To Drive 

A lot of people don’t know this but electric cars are actually amazing machines. They are so fun to drive. Its quiet engine will certainly impress you during your first drive. The electric engine is also very responsive which makes for a smooth driving experience. 

Electric Cars Are High-Tech

Electric cars make you feel like you’re driving a future car. Most of them have cool tech features included. For example,  Tesla offers navigation on autopilot. If you have a Tesla, you can simply click the screen and the car will take you from point A to point B. 

Electric Vehicle Sector is Booming

The EV sector is growing and it will continually rise over the next decade. TSLA stock has been gaining tremendously. Experts also believe it will have another 2x-5x gain over the next couple of years. 

Final Thoughts 

Electric cars are better for the environment than petrol cars, but it’s also important to say that it is not 100% clean. It’s still better to cycle to work or walk. Electric cars are still cars. Replacing one with another will not solve transport problems caused by cars such as congestion. 

Electric vehicles are just the first step to sustainable transportation. What most environmentalists truly want is a car-free future. Where bikes or similar kinds of transportation will be the standard in many cities around the world. In the long term, a car-free world can improve the quality of life for more people. There will be less focus on speed and fewer road accidents.