Summer and warm weather are just about here and if you own a swimming pool, you’re probably already making plans and getting ready. The main reason you probably had a swimming pool installed was for the enjoyable experience is provides. It is a place to entertain family and guests. It is a place to relax and rest during the hot time of the year. But is your pool within the Green Living means of ownership?

Regrettably, most swimming pools use a lot of our natural resources in terms of energy and water. If may be from filtering the water or heating the water. The energy used to run the pump and all the energy needed to keep it clean is not a part of the Green Living means that we should all be striving for today. Take a look at these suggestions and tips and incorporate them as much as you can this summer.

Heat The Pool: There are parts of the country that even during summer months, pool owners will heat the pool, especially the Jacuzzi part. Before you turn on that heater though, think about first. And consider looking at alternate methods of heating it, like having solar panels installed. Use that hot sun during the day is much more in line with Green Living means than turning on the electric or gas heater.

A Clean Pool: Most swimming pools have automatic devices that clean them. They use electricity and that is using our limited natural resources. Set the automatic timer to clean less often and use less chlorine too. There are alternative cleaners that are better for Green Living like ozone cleaners. And invest in a cover for your pool. That will keep debris and leaves out and thus, less need to clean.

Minimize the Plastic and Vinyl: Pool toys are standard, especially if you have kids. Choose eco-friendly toys and not only are you helping the environment by not buying petroleum-based products, but they are healthier for the kids too. Look for natural organic toys!

Other Water Sources: Depending on what geographic area you live in, look for alternate water sources to fill your swimming pool. Some options to consider would be collecting rainwater, redirecting water draining from showers, sinks, and tub. Your area may offer LED options you can utilize for your swimming pool even.