Time to Seriously Think About Keeping Things Sustainable

Keeping Things Sustainable

Not a day seems to go by without the news covering a story related to the destruction of the environment or some type of pollution event. Bad things happen because humans have become irresponsible in the way resources are treated. The fact is, technology in all its forms, has become deeply entrenched in human society. If you were to take it away, civilization as we know it would collapse. On the other hand, the present way of handling technology will also contribute to our downfall. Therefore, you could say that technology is a two-headed monster that needs to be tamed. The good news is that there are ways to handle this conundrum. The way to handle is to promote sustainable technology as much as possible.

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The Importance of Keeping Technology Sustainable

Technology Sustainable

The term sustainable technology is also known as “clean-tech” and it describes any technology that promotes the use of natural resources with little or no carbon footprint as well as other ecological benefits. The truth is that there is still no “official” explanation or standardization on what sustainable technology is. Regardless of this fact, the earth is becoming increasingly difficult to live in, what with all the pollution and climate change that is happening everywhere.However, there are some general points on which everyone agrees on to be able to call something sustainable, as far technology is concerned. The following are main ones.

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Keeping Up with the News on Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products

The Following are some green technology news that shows promise in changing things.

Northstars Elastomers

The rubber industry, specifically the tire industry, is driving towards finding more sustainable methods to make rubber products. One of the companies that are leading in this effort is Northstars Elastomers LLC. They have patented a process known as “Tirecycle technology” which is a way to recycle old tires into new ones. This technology was spurred on by new regulation in the US as well as in Europe. In fact, it was the Europeans who showed the most enthusiasm. Now, instead of dumping old tires in a land fill, it is possible to break it down and mix with some virgin rubber, to create a whole new automobile tire. Other applications Tire cycle can be used for are shoes, roofing, waterproof material, hoses, automobile parts, and agricultural equipment.

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The Challenges Of Keeping Technology Green

Green technology

In order to be accepted into the green technology product club, a product needs to meet certain criteria. The chief among those are:

  • The product should be energy efficient, highly durable and not require regular maintenance
  • Manufactured with recycled materials or materials that are considered to be sustainable and renewable
  • Not containing chemicals that contribute to ozone depletion, toxic compounds and does not produce any toxic by-products
  • Made by locally sourced manufacturers
  • Products used for manufacturing should be either partly or wholly biodegradable

Green technology can be broadly divided into two groups; manufactured products and raw materials. Some examples of commonly used green technology products and raw materials are:

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