Recycling, up cycling and sustainable energy are deeply embedded in green technology’s blueprint. As our planet becomes a host of calamities, the need for environmental conservation is further intensified, making it critical for us to step up our game when it comes to building and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle–something that green technology is centered around. 

But what is green technology? A concept far deeper than what we see on TV or on newspapers, green technology is not just a cute, shiny sticker that makes household appliances look marketable. It’s functional. It’s sustainable. And it helps you secure all the tomorrows of the next generations. 

Green Technology: A Glance at its Origins

As a huge umbrella of diverse eco-friendly solutions, environmental technology has swiftly grown as a profitable industry for the past few years. While the combination of natural disasters and disease-causing pathogens has wreaked havoc into many societies, it created a greater need for green technology. 

But did you know that green technology actually existed thousands of years ago? Before we innovated our infinite natural resources, our ancestors already bridged the gap in transportation and agriculture by the use of wind and solar energy. 

From ancient Egyptians who used wind energy to power up their water transportation system 7,000 years ago to kings who used snow to create passive indoor ventilation, green technology is a testament that our natural resources have always been here to help us create a better lifestyle. 

What is Green Technology? 

Green technology is basically any innovative solution that helps create positive environmental impacts, and it exists in many forms. From recycling products to creating huge turbines, sustainable technology is an all-encompassing concept that circles around three things:

1) protecting the environment

2) conserving existing resources

3) repairing environmental damages. 

This never-ending loop helps keep brands focused on the goal behind green product development. And as the market for this kind of technology continues to balloon, huge investors are paying more attention to the greener side of the spectrum. They investing in eco-friendly initiatives through green funds, ESG funds, or SRI funds. 

Examples of Green Technology: Best Products and Practices


It’s hard to beat recycling as far as conserving resources and preventing environmental degrade goes. As waste disposal continues to become a huge global problem, many companies now integrate recyclable materials into their practices. They hope to adapt to our changing environmental needs. 

Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is a wide area that covers not just our household’s footprint, but our energy use in major industries such as transportation, electricity, and agriculture. It’s no secret that our planet’s resources are limited, making it important for us to shift into using renewable resources. 

Clean Air and Water

We live on air and water, so protecting it should always be one of our top priorities. Green technology is used to purify these sources and to prevent water scarcity through wise eco-friendly solutions. 

With natural calamities threatening our very existence, sustainable technology, along with our conscientious eco-friendly efforts, is our only way to the future.  Our planet is a gift. Let’s do our best to pass it on to the next generation.