Everywhere we look today, we see ways to go green and green ways to do things. We see how to recycle and what we can recycle. We see information on what we can buy that has been recycled.  But what may seem like common sense for many of us, some may not see it all – Green Laundry Methods.

Yup, that everyday drudgery in life can be done in a more environmentally green way that will minimize the impact on Mother Earth and still keep us clean and fresh smelling. Take a look at these Green Laundry Methods:

Temperature Controlled

Did you know that approximately ninety percent of the energy you use doing your laundry is using hot or warm water? And did you know that your clothes will get just as clean in cold water? There are even detergents on the market today for doing laundry in cold water!

Energy Efficient Washer and Dryer

Now we aren’t giving you permission to go out and buy a new washer or dryer today. But next time you’re replacing your current unit. Look at the new energy efficient models. Yes, they may be a little more expensive, but the ROI will come in the cost of energy and water expenses.

Full Loads Only

Regardless how wonderfully efficient your washer may be with, i.e. the different water level options, it is still using a lot of water, a natural resource that we can’t replace. Those energy-efficient washers can use as much as forty gallons of water! Cut back on the number of loads each week and you’ll not only save water but you’ll save money too. Even just one less load a week can save as much as ten percent on the laundry budget.

Go All Natural

Today, the market is filled with products claiming to be all natural to provide you Green Laundry Methods, but be sure to read the label, especially that small print. Natural products incline to be chlorine bleach free in a synthetic fragrance or synthetic dyes. They even have optical brighteners. Those are products that are plant-based not petroleum based and have biodegradable surfactants which work great in cold water.

Non-Chlorine Bleach

Using chlorine bleach isn’t as harmful on the home front when doing daily laundry. But have you noticed when you use chlorine bleach how it irritates your eyes and skin? The non-chlorine bleach contains hydrogen peroxide and for every load you do with it, you’ll help the environment just a little bit more. If you and every other household in American would replace one 64–ounce bottle of chlorine bleach with the non-chlorine type, it would keep almost 12 million pounds of chlorine out of the environment.

Hanging It All Out

Instead of throwing everything in the dryer, hang dry as much as you can, indoor or outdoor. Not only will this use less energy and be better for the environment, but it is better on your clothes too. And this is one of the Green Laundry Methods that will actually help your household in the winter: Rack drying clothes is like a humidifier!