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How do Solar Panels Work with the Sun to Help You?

By   June 23, 2019

Solar panels are manufactured by assembling photovoltaic (PV) cells. Photovoltaic cells are made by compressing together layers of semiconductors, usually silicon. Each layer will have varying electronic properties. When sunlight strikes the layers of semiconductors, they get energized, which in turn creates an electric field. This is because sunlight contains photons. The process in which… Continue reading »

Solar Panels – Do You Need To Weatherproof Them?

By   December 5, 2015
Solar Panels – Do You Need To Weatherproof Them?

You are considering doing an upgrade to your home and install solar power panels. You’ve heard great things about how they can help your cooling bills in the summer and you heating bills in the winter.  But you’re wondering just how durable are they?  The solar power panels in the past weren’t as durable as… Continue reading »