COVID-19 has completely affected the everyday lives of people. If your life before the pandemic is all bout socializing, partying, and strolling anywhere, you might have a problem adjusting with your new routine that involves staying at home most of the time. Since work at home is reinforced by most companies, there is a significant increase in energy usage so there is an appeal to practice green technology at home.

There is research conducted that the average energy increased by 25% for most households that lead to higher bills. The challenge, how how can you help the environment when you are just staying at home? There are plenty of ways on how to practice good habits for the environment that you can start doing at home.

During the lock-down period, there is a decrease in industrial wastes especially in restaurants because people are already spending more time at home that is why the garbage created is reduced. This is a big step on how to change habits and quickly shift towards a greener environment. Just by simply cleaning your surroundings and practicing to segregate your trash can make a big difference.

Start with the small things

Just by doing simple things, it can make a big difference. As they said, every little bit adds up. Be aware of everything that you do. When you turn the lights on, turn it off immediately when not in use. Check your appliances, if you think that it consumes more energy, opt for energy-efficient ones. Like for example, when you are still using incandescent light loves, change it to an LED light because it consumes less energy.

Create a green friendly home office

Creating a green workspace doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend more money. Situate your workplace in an area where there is a natural source of light. If you will be spending your whole day working, you will save more energy because there’s no need to use lighting equipment during your work hours.

Make your space eco-friendly by adding house plants in your working space. This will not only serve as a decorative piece but it will help purify the air by reducing pollutants. Succulents and orchids are perfect plants that emit oxygen and that can absorb carbon dioxide.

Live more simply with what you have

During these uncertain times, it is important to know when to spend and when to save. Avoid purchasing things that would just probably end up staying in your cupboards for a long time. This year 2020 helps us learn to live within our means, this has been a cliche but it is applicable at all times. It is said that this is not a year of upgrades but a year of repair.

It is time to appreciate what you currently have. If you think that you have been spending on useless things for the past year, this is the perfect time to reflect where you should invest your money on and cut-down unnecessary spending. If you are used to being happy with extravagant things, now is the time to enjoy what is important to live which are free.

Learn how to do-it-yourself

The lock-down affected different industries such as barbershops, hair salons, hardware, etc. For those who are concern about grooming, it is best to learn how to do it yourself. From cutting and dying your hair, doing your nails, doing minor repairs, and fixes planting herbs, these are the things that are worth learning this 2020.

This will not only add your skills but it will also allow you to save money and spend on more important things. Searching through Google will certainly help you to be self-sufficient and resourceful. If you will learn to be creative with the skills that you have, you will be more efficient in utilizing your resources.

Reduce waste starting on your kitchen

Your kitchen may be one of the places in your house that has a lot of waste. From food waste and its packaging up to the use of utensils. Learn how to reduce, recycle, and re-purpose. Avoid using disposable utensils because it would add up to your trash and that these disposable items are usually made from unsafe materials. It is also advisable to make use of rags or cloth instead of paper towels.

Make your own household cleaner

Most household cleaners that are available in the market usually made from chemically based material that are harmful to yourself and the environment. You can make a DIY cleaner just by using ingredients that you can see in your kitchen.

The use of baking soda, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, borax, etc are the common ingredients that you can use as a household cleaner. This is one of the ways by which you can practice green technology at home because you are helping to lessen carbon footprints.

Final Thoughts

This year may not be ideal but we are still halfway through. You still have the time to enjoy it but be sure that you are still aware of what’s going around you even if you are just at home. Practicing green technology at home is the goal. To do this, you must be willing and knowledgeable on how you can practice it.

This year 2020 is like riding a roller coaster that you can’t get off. There is no way to stop the pandemic as well as other natural catastrophes that are happening around. Instead of dwelling on the negative side, look for the brighter side of things. Whether you like it or not, you don’t have a choice but to face the challenges along the way in a healthy and greener way.