Solar power, wind power are things you’ve heard about. Have you heard about carbon capture or piezoelectricity or carbon capture? These are other forms of clean green energy solutions that researchers are hoping will make it as mainstream as those you have heard about.

Using Body Heat

Body heat as one of the green energy solutions has been around forever, today, there are tech devices that you wear that convert that body heat into electricity in the works. Thousands of Swedish commuters are kept warm with body heat in a train station.

As we said, using body heat to keep warm isn’t anything new, but it that heat hasn’t been transferred from building to building, until now. What make this even better, it is a long-term solution of sustainability. How much cleaner for the environment can you get than to use the body for heat.

Transforming CO2 Into Stone

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in the 21st century is reckoning way to limit the production of CO2 (carbon dioxide, and maybe we have?! Researches have been working on this fantasy for years. A large geothermal power facility is pumping water heated volcanic ally to power turbines which produce electricity.

Unfortunately, the process releases CO2, so they pumped it back under the earth surface, into the volcanic rock. It then went through a natural process on a fast-track to process the reaction of basalt to form carbonate minerals.

The process of turning CO2 to solid took 2 years, but it advanced further that previous carbon capturing projects. The only managed to convert CO2 into a gas form so that it could be stored. Now, researchers have gone a step further using liquid metals to convert CO2 into solid coal. 

The Power of Dance

Dance is another of the unheard green energy solutions. This form can be incorporated with sustainability in everyone’s lives – you may have heard of it referred to as ‘eco-clubbing’.  Two engineers in 2005invented the Sustainable Dance Floor. You’re probably guessing the end result: The dance moves create a kinetic energy and the dance floor converts that into piezoelectricity, a form of electricity.

In Tokyo, the railways stations electronic signs have all ran on kinetic energy since 2009. That kinetic energy was made by passengers walking through the ticket gates that had tiles made for kinetic energy.

Don’t Waste That Coffee Waste!

Sorry, but your morning joy is harmful to the environment, all 9.5 million tons we consume annually. Have no fear though, scientist have found how to make good of that waste. They have developed a unique fuel cell that produces energy by chemical reaction with microbes that consume the waste matter, then generate electricity. Coffee waste is also a bio fuel, scientist have found how to extract oil from it. That oil is then made into commercial coffee logs to be used for heating buildings.