Are Prefab Homes All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

By   December 24, 2016

Prefab homes are showing up everywhere these days. Many people think that this is the answer for having modern architecture and conveniences to the masses. The Claim to Greatness

While there are many claims prefab home can provide modern architecture to the masses, not everyone shares that enthusiasm. Continue reading »

Hydro Power – A Renewable Energy Source.

By   December 20, 2016

What would the world’s economy be like if we pulled our electricity out of energy resources that are renewable? We wouldn’t have any more shock from fuel price increases. We wouldn’t have to worry about foreign control over our fuel. And the climate change worries would be gone.

We would simply have abundance of affordable and clean electricity. Seems like a dream doesn’t it? Well prior to WWII, Americans were living that way. How? Simple: hydro power. Continue reading »

These Homes Are Made From Natural Materials That Offer Sustainability Like No Other

By   December 10, 2016

The construction of houses today can run in the hundreds of thousands or more. And once they are built, there cost they have on our monthly expenses and the environment is higher. Which is why there are more and more people are looking for ways to build with natural materials that offer sustainability.

They want to lessen the impact on their monthly budget while easing the impact on the day-to-day damage to the environment. Continue reading »