There’s a lot of talk about sustainable fashion today. Thankfully, many consumers now understand the importance of choosing Eco-conscious products. They’re also slowly realizing how beneficial it is to promote green living (even in fashion). 

Now that we’re living in a consumer-driven economy, it’s now easy to both be fashionable and eco-conscious at the same time. You now have a choice when it comes to your clothing items. You don’t have to support clothing brands that are continually contributing to pollution, animal cruelty, and wastefulness in our planet. So, as a consumer, it’s truly in your hands how you want to shape the world.

Here are ways you can support green fashion:

Wear Your Clothes More Than Once

Of course, this doesn’t apply to every clothing. For example, your undergarments and socks should always be worn ONLY ONCE. But other clothing such as jeans and jackets can be worn several times before they can be put in the washing machine. 

In fact, Levi jeans recommend their customers to wash their jeans every two weeks rather than every day. Environmentalists also agree that people can consume less energy by washing clothes less often.

Don’t Throw Old Clothes

When cleaning your closet, consider giving or selling clothes that are still in wearable condition. You can donate them in organizations, or swap some with your family, friends, or even neighbors. 

You can also recycle your old clothes and turn them into DIY crafts. Create sock puppet toys from old socks or turn old sweaters into a cozy room rug. Many sustainable clothing brands recommend donating old but wearable items. You can also sell it back to them or get it replaced. So, always lookout for those! 

Look After Your Clothes So They Last Longer

Giving value to your clothes can also help stretch their lives. This prevents you from buying more clothes and replace torn items several times a year. This promotes green living, eliminates waste, and saves you money at the same time! So, don’t feel like a cheapskate to go the extra mile to make sure your clothes last longer.

Embrace Clothing Made of Natural Fabrics

Shop only clothing made with natural fabric fibers. Avoid synthetic fibers that often pollute oceans. These particle wastes are often thrown in the ocean and are difficult to clean because of how tiny they actually are. 

Instead, go organic and buy clothing in certified cotton. Also, be wary of clothing that claims to say “organic” but isn’t. Always do your research before jumping on any trend or believing what you hear or read online. 

Support ONLY Sustainable Clothing Brands 

Don’t let irresponsible clothing companies that pollute the earth thrive and succeed in the industry. As a consumer, you have the power to choose which clothing brands to support. If you’re making a difficult decision, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Companies should be held accountable for their products.They should also be more transparent about the materials they use and how they manufacture products. 

Whenever companies manufacture a product, consumers must know the origin and process behind it. Not all brands are perfect but knowing which ones are abusing and not abiding by international laws is important. Inform yourself and everyone you know about the importance of sustainable fashion. The more knowledge you have, the more informed you will be to make the right choice. 

Shop Trans-Seasonal Clothes

Invest more in trans-seasonal clothes or clothes that’ll work for you all-year-round. This also means you should consider the weather in your location. if you live somewhere hot and humid, don’t buy an entire winter wardrobe that you’ll probably not have the chance to wear by the time the season is over.

Spend your money on pieces that will last you more than one season. Look for jeans, t-shirts, classic dresses, jackets, and more. This kind of mindset will help you create a more useful and sustainable fashion wardrobe. Trans-seasonal clothes are often found in sustainable clothing brands’ websites. 

Don’t Forget To Always Organize Your Wardrobe

Another great way to be mindful of what you wear is by organizing your wardrobe. Many people forget the clothing items they bought because it is hidden inside their closets. Out of sight, out of mind! If you actually see every piece of clothing you have, you’ll be more likely to spend less on clothing. You’ll also have more ideas on how to style your outfits!

Buy From Secondhand Shops

Purchase pre-owned clothing at thrift stores, consignment shops, or online resale shops. By purchasing second-hand items, you’ll save money from buying expensive brand new items. This also prevents the “fast-fashion” industry from continually producing trendy cheap clothes. These clothes go out of style quickly and are simply created to promote consumer spending. 


Sustainable fashion is as important as sustainability in other industries. We’re all living on the same planet where resources are limited and quickly running out. As a consumer, you have the power to change the world. Use green living products. Support sustainable clothing brands. Ask for accountability from irresponsible companies. Doing all this can pave the way to a greener future.