Your Electronics and Going Green

By   August 18, 2015

Going GreenGoing green is a necessity today so that we can preserve the Earth and our environment. And we have learned ways to make going green simple now, so there isn’t really an excuse for not practicing a green lifestyle. Because electronics are a large part of our daily lives, and they are a large part of the landfills, it is necessary for going green with them as well. Here, we are go into provide you several ways for going green with your electronics.

Rechargeable Batteries:  For many years we have all purchased alkaline batteries for our electronic equipment. They became more reasonable priced and as such, they became disposable. Today, when you need batteries consider going green with rechargeable batteries instead. They are more cost upfront, but they last longer and you’ll be able to reuse them with the help of a battery charger.

There are solar powered batteries and chargers as well. Using the sun has become commonplace in society in so many ways. The sun provides endless power for infinity and is one of the best things we have for going green. Old batteries can be recycled as well which keeps them out of the landfills. There are recycling companies that use the components from dead batteries and make use of them as recycled materials now.

 Old Electronics: Electronics like CD players, cell phones, radios and televisions can be recycled now. There is heavy metals and other materials which are hazardous to our environment, so by keeping these things out of the landfills, the carbon footprint we leave behind is minimized. Going green even further, the hazardous materials inside these electronics are of value to recycling companies because they are transformed into materials that are used to produce other appliances.

Eliminate Power Vampires: The appliances and electronics in your home are kilo watt guzzlers, even when they are turned off.  Any time a power cord is plugged in, there is current flowing through and that is making your electric meter run. Granted, it isn’t as much as when the appliance or electronic items are on, but all the same, it is draining your wallet.  There are “smart” power-strips that you can buy that will prevent this from electrical drain from. This is a great device that will help your efforts of going green around the home and the office.

Buy Energy Efficient Electronics: When the time comes to replace any of your electronics, do your homework and research for the electronics that use the least amount of energy. For instance, when buying a new television, go with a LCD. They use less energy than a plasma screen. And when you buy new appliances, look for those that have the EnergyStar label. Those are appliances that are in line with government requirements of going green.