Why Haven’t You Made The Change To LED Lighting Yet?

By   June 16, 2015

LED LightingLight-Emitting Diode (LED for short) produces light with semi-conductors. And while they seem to be “all the craze”, they really aren’t anything new. They have been in your digital devices, holiday lights and remote controls forever. When was the last time you change the bulb on a holiday light with a standard, traditional bulb? Yeah … that’s what we thought.

Today, they are more common in the home because they are an efficient way to light up the home. And if you’re not into the “green” aspect of using LED bulbs, see if these make any difference:

They Last Longer

The expected life of a LED lighting is approximately 100,000 hours. So even burning it 8 hours daily, it will last you 20 years. Automatically, you’re saving on maintenance.

Converted Energy

LEDs convert the energy they take (around 80% and up to as much as 90%) into light. This means that they are probably the most energy efficient bulbs on the market.  The traditional bulb you know and love however, convert only 10% to 20% of the energy used by them into light and the rest goes up in heat. While it may seem to help in the winter, you are paying more to run lights in your home and doing nothing much for energy and power.

When you turn on a switch with a LED bulb, they come on bright right away, using less energy to get there. While they begin to dim over the time they are used, seeming to be duller, they still last longer than traditional bulbs.

Low Voltage

LED lighting requires the power supply with a low-voltage power supply which makes it easier to be used in combination with solar energy. They are durable and longer lasting. They are shock and weather resistant and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from extreme high to low temperatures. That alone makes the perfect for your outdoor patio lighting!

Ecological Friendly

In comparison to other light bulbs, LED bulbs are more friendly ecologically because they have all the  toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable.

Minus UV Emission & More

Very little UV emits from LED lighting and almost no infrared light, making them the best option for anyone that may have sensitivity to UV rays. They are also the best option in places that contain materials where there needs to be little UV exposure like at an art exhibitions or museums