Tiny Houses – Why Go Big When You Go Tiny?

By   June 20, 2015

Tiny housesWhether you want to see it as a fad, a revolution or a trend, houses people are downsizing more and more. And it isn’t necessarily because of a job loss, but between 2008 and 2010 when the job market was shaky, more and more people did go that route and have since found it was a good decision all the way around.

During that time frame, as consumers, many of us discovered we had grown accustom to some habits of living large and supersized in every aspect of our lives. We were upsizing everything from burgers to homes. And because of that downturn in the economics, banks have more of these “McMansions” sitting in their bank portfolios than they ever though would be possible.

History Prevailed, Again

In the years gone by, economic hardships have always resulted with success stories, and this includes going with tiny built homes. We see stories on the internet and television all the time now about how a family walked away from their $250,000 home and into a 10×10 cabin that they had built themselves.

We expect to see more and home builders coming up with a variety of tiny house plans soon, and thus more great stories of success will come forth as well. So if you haven’t lost your job, why would you want to downsize into a tiny house?

Tiny houses are a mode of creativity and innovativeness to finding alternative housing. Among the economic climate changes that have created a market for distressed housing, tiny houses are a way to avoid high rent for something that you’ll never have a chance to own. For builders, tiny houses have eased the red tape of codes and permits for building.

It’s Not The Size That Matters

Tiny houses may be smaller than the homes we’ve become accustom to.  To go from a 2200 square foot home (and much bigger) to a home as little 50 square feet takes adjusting, but not because of a lack of necessary comforts such as portable air and heating. This portable climate control method allows tiny house homeowners to keep their outdoor pet houses cool and warm as well.

One of the first things you’ll notice in a tiny home is that there aren’t hallways. That is more of a wasted space when it comes to cooling and heating your home.  Many people who are looking for that “get-a-way” have found that tiny houses are a great option. Other benefits of living in a tiny house include:

-Mortgage payments are low, sometimes gone

-The utility bills decrease

-Living off the grid becomes more of a possibility

-More options of where to live such as rural vs urban

-Better control of finances

-A simpler lifestyle

What About Keeping Up With The Joneses?

Some people that have toyed with the idea of going with the tiny house are concerned about what others will think.  They’ll have to give up many of the material things they have collected to fill those rooms of the McMansions.

What we need to look at instead is what is better for ourselves. Would you like to know that no matter what happens to your income, you can survive and live comfortably? If you’ll look around there is downsizing going on all around today. Why not join the trend?