When Buying New Furniture, Look For Enviro Friendly Pieces

By   August 1, 2015

Enviro FriendlyWhether you are one of those people that is obsess with furniture or one that simply doesn’t care, you have to buy new furniture at some point. When you do, look for enviro friendly pieces that will meet your needs and not leave as big of a footprint on the Earth.

Here we offer you a guide that can help you find enviro friendly pieces with your next furniture purchase:

  1. Sustainable Wood

No matter what type of material is used to make a piece of furniture: cloth, metal, plastic or wood,  there are pieces out there that are eco-friendly.  Even cavemen quickly realized that boulders were not comfortable for sitting, so they went to using trees and making wood furniture. And while we’ve had furniture made from trees for hundreds of years, that is not an enviro friendly way to make furniture. We need trees for so many reasons, these are just a few:

  • They absorb carbon dioxide
  • They produce oxygen
  • They keep the planet surface cool
  • They hold the soil together and keep it rich
  • They are habitat that animals, birds, insects and other plants

However, it isn’t practical to have all furniture made from metal or plastic either. As you shop for furniture, choose wood furniture that comes from sustainably harvested forests and tree farms. Furniture made from reclaimed wood is another great choice, which we discuss next:

 Reclaimed Materials

Things made of wood can last for a long time when properly cared for. Today, a popular thing to do is to repurpose wood furniture from houses, old furniture and other things that were built from wood. Even flawed wood can make some beautiful pieces, making the furniture enviro friendly.


Most people believe bamboo to come from trees when in fact it is a grass. It comes a variety of colors and sizes and is fast-growing as well as versatile, making it one of the most enviro friendly materials. It is flattened for flooring, molded for furniture, pressed for veneers and sliced for window blinds. There are houses made of bamboo too. The majority of bamboo is from China and has not be treated with any chemicals or pesticides.
When You Done With A Piece

No matter how good of deal you got on a piece of furniture, there comes a time when you’re just over it, tired of it and want something new. When that time comes, give it a good home or the opportunity to find a good home. There are several online places to sell your furniture or donate it to a charity. Your discard could be a treasure to somebody just starting out and doesn’t have any furniture. But whatever you do, don’t just throw it away!