What’s Going On With Energy and Green Technology

By   November 8, 2015

Green TechnologyEven though the world hasn’t all got on board together for going green and using as much green technology as possible, we are starting to see some progress. There are still a lot of people that are standing strong behind the idea and ways of finding alternative solutions that won’t damage Earth.

The more green technology we can put to use helps. Using the latest in green technology for our energy, our power and our transportation will take less and less hit to the ozone.  There is a good amount happening around the world like solar power. This is one form of green technology that is now more easily available and is more affordable for more people.  By being more affordable and easier to get, we can now install solar panels on our homes and not just help the environment but help lessen the expense of our utility bills too.

Solar panels are a green technology that more and more corporations are starting to go with as well in their new buildings or upgrade of old buildings. They have an upfront expense that they get back in a short period of time with the money they save monthly. Even IBM’s innovators are making an effort to create a renewable power source based on a person’s own movement as another step in green technology advancement.

A old fashion method of green technology that is coming back are windmills. We have learned over time by trial and error that windmills are a great source of renewable energy and are a form of green technology that will fuel the future of the green technology movement.

More and more cities are going with green technology for their street lights because it not only is good for the environment but can save them thousands of dollars on energy annually. Solar power is one form of green technology that cities are looking at other ways to utilize and save even more money.

Trying to think of new ways that they can use solar and wind power to reduce outgoing costs and bills for the city and do more good in the community with the saved money.

The automotive industry may be one of the leading industries when it comes to finding ways to use green technology. The electrical and hybrid cars made a great step in that direction and have proven to be a positive step toward helping the environment. But still, green technology has really just got started. There is so much more green technology that can be done we just have to find a way to do it.