What Makes Solar Power So Great?

By   May 22, 2015

Solar PowerWe all know that solar energy is good, but do we understand way exactly? And even though it is a good thing, is really for everyone?  Let’s take a look at some points about Solar Power and see how it could be good, or not so good, for you:

Money Saver

Who doesn’t want to save money? The initial investment is a hit to the pocket book, but once recovered, you can get most of your energy from the sun for almost free. How long does it take to get recovered from that initial investment? Well that depends on just how much electricity you use.And the government offers us financial incentives to help reduce that initial cost. Then if you produce more energy than you can use, utility companies are always willing but it in a system they call metering.

No Fuel Needed For Solar Power

There is no fuel demand for Solar Power, so that up and down thing at from the oilfields isn’t any concern. Not only will you notice how much your saving at the very beginning, but you’ll know that you’re going to have that same savings for a long time to come too.  In a round-a-bout way, Solar Power also has health benefits too.

Friendly With the Environment

Unlike coal, gas and oil, Solar Energy is a clean, renewable source of energy. It does contribute to the pollution with carbon dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxide or Sulphur dioxide. It also isn’t adding to the acid rain, global warming or smog either. Because it can be generated where you need it, there isn’t any costs or issues with recovery, transport or storage.

Offers Independence and Semi-Independence

You can’t be totally without power, but Solar Energy allows you to reduce your energy consumption which reduces the electric bill. Even better, when there is a power outage, you still have power. A Solar Energy system does not require any gas or power grid connection either which means you can put it where you need it without issues.

Practically Maintenance Free

A Solar Energy system is almost maintenance free and after it has been installed, there aren’t any recurring costs and they last forever. There is no smells or sound and can be added on to as needed.