According to the EPA, in 2010 alone, there more than 2 million tons of electronic devices that reached their end of life and were simply trashed. Each year, there are hundreds, thousands, millions of used ink cartridges disposed of.

The consumption of electronic devices has increased which means the increase in disposing of them has increased as well.  Inkjet cartridges are a by-product of electronic devices and they contain metal, plastics, and toxic materials that are filling up our landfills.

A Solution: Recycling Your Inkjet Cartridges

When these cartridges aren’t disposed of correctly, they become a hazard to the environment. One solution we have available is the recycling of inkjet cartridges. Why is recycling such a significant solution?

The amounts of the raw materials that are used to manufacture inkjet cartridges are massive. There are large amounts of plastic and steel, with the most significant parts being plastic, which is a hazard to the environment itself. Petroleum products are used to manufacture plastic such as LPG and NGL.

Black ink is comprised of carbon black which is produced from more petroleum products.  Carbon black is environmentally damaging and it is a danger to humans as well. There are more than 300 million cartridges disposed of annually. If that doesn’t seem significant in itself, think of it this way: One million inkjet cartridges equal more than 17,000 tons of waste which equal more than 10,000 Toyota Prius vehicles.

So What Can You Do?

Well, the simplest thing is to practice recycling inkjet cartridges. This minimizes the environmental impact by doubling the lifespan of them. The recycling process saves energy as well as the materials that are used to manufacture them to start with.

Planet Green is an industry leader in the recycling inkjet cartridges. They have machinery in-house and use the most advanced methods. They take the steps that are necessary to ensure great products are made from all the components from recycling inkjet cartridges.

You can even get paid for recycling your inkjet cartridges! Planet Green works with businesses and individuals to create fundraising programs for a cause they may have. More than 13,000 causes have received over $50 million over the past fifteen years thanks to Planet Green offering as much as $4.00 for each returned cartridge.

This effort by Planet Green has done more than enable businesses and local communities to raise funds. It has educated more people about recycling. By businesses and individuals recycling their old inkjets cartridges and using re-manufactured ones, the footprint on the environment is lessened.