What Benefits Can LED Lighting Offer Us?

By   October 25, 2015

LED LightingLight Emitting Diodes, known as LED lighting today is different from the traditional lighting we are used to. The light produced for the LED bulbs uses semi-conductors, thus creating digital light. LED lighting is not any kind of new phenomenon though. They have been around for as long as we have had Christmas lights, digital devices and remote controls. They have even been used in cars the past 10-15 years.

But technology has made them more widely available so that they can be used for lighting in our homes which is making them even more popular. After it was discovered that LED lighting is an energy efficient solution for lighting, they have taken off quickly. But perhaps you still aren’t sure what the benefits are of LED lighting? Let’s take a look:

1). The blubs for LED lighting last longer than other light bulbs. Each bulb used in LED lighting has an estimated life-span of one hundred thousand hours. So if you used a bulb for 8 hours a day, its life is approximately twenty years long. The result you have is less frequent replacements which can be a great benefit in hard-to-reach places for commercial buildings, offices and even homes.

2). LED lighting converts about eighty to ninety percent of the energy used for light. This makes them one of the highest energy efficient light bulbs on the market. Whereas, the traditional light bulbs convert only ten to twenty percent of their energy. This means that as much as eighty to ninety percent of the energy they use is gone to unused heat. By using LED lighting, they are almost paying your electric bill. The blubs in LED lighting are at full capacity of brightness as soon as they are turned on. While they do become slowly dimmer over time, they do last longer.

3). LED lighting is a perfect match for solar energy because they require a lower amount of voltage power.

4). The bulbs for LED lighting are more durable than traditional bulbs making them hard-wearing, shock and weather resistant. LED lighting bulbs can withstand extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, much more efficiently than traditional bulbs. That alone is why they are popular in outdoor lighting uses.

5). LED lighting bulbs are more eco-friendly than traditional bulbs because they do not contain all the toxic chemicals like mercury and they are 100% recyclable.

6). LED lighting produce very little infrared light and almost no UV emissions, making LED lighting ideal for people who have a high sensitivity to UV rays and for areas that contain materials where exposure to UV needs to be minimized, like art exhibitions.