What Are You Doing For Green Living?

By   June 21, 2015

Green LivingWhat most people do not understand is that green living does not necessarily require a lot of money buying and using environmental friendly green products. Nor do you have to make drastic lifestyle changes either.

What green living means is that you are doing your part, in whatever way possible, to help the environment. And what is great about, there are many things we can each do that actually will save you money while being green too. It is pretty easy actually.

What Can You Do?

To begin with, start making small adjustments in your everyday life. Instead of buying canned fruits and vegetables, buy fresh. There is no can waste and it is healthier too! It is a win-win for both you and Mother Nature. And some other simple things you can to do help the environment:

Shop Local Farmers Market

First, you’re helping the local economy and small businessman. It is usually cheaper and definitely fresher. And as we said before, you aren’t just saving as much as 50% to 75%, but you won’t be adding to the trash with cans.

Recycle Bins

There are so many recycle bins around for cans, paper and plastic, there is really no excuse not to sort your trash and use them. And the more we all practice recycling habits, the better it is for the environment in the future. You can buy very inexpensive tubs for the sorting or use a cardboard box!

Financial In Green Living

Go environmental and have all your bank and credit card statements delivered by email. The need to print, stuff envelopes, stick a stamp and you deal with the paper on your end are gone.

Efficient Light Bulbs

If there are windows in a room and the sun isn’t directly shining in there, don’t turn on lights! Nature has the best light and it is free. They are more expensive, but the initial investment for energy efficiency bulbs will save you money in the long run on utility bills and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Start by replacing burnt ones with the newer bulbs and one by one, you’ll have them all switched over.

Naturally Clean

Making homemade cleaners from all natural products will smell better, won’t irritate those with allergies or breathing problems. The all-natural cleaners will also protect the environment and they aren’t difficult to make. Several recipes can be found on the internet today.