What Advantages Are There To LED Lighting On The Streets?

By   August 7, 2015

LED LightingThe fact that LED lighting is enviro-friendly is only one reason businesses, Cities and States should consider them for lighting up parking lots and streets. Not only does LED lighting use less energy but they don’t have the hazardous chemicals like lead and mercury that release toxins into the atmosphere. Where the HID style lighting uses arc tubes, LED lighting uses diodes which give a higher durability rate and a longer life.

The past few years, LED lighting has become more commonly used for street lighting because it puts out more  efficient lumen offering a consistent and wider coverage of a light pattern.  LED lighting is a solid state product that offers uniformity which means less hot spots subsequently less areas of darkness. LED lighting gives us improved vision and safety.  With traditional lighting, there had to be an over-compensation for the lumen depreciation that would occur over the life of the light bulbs.

However Not An Apples-to-Apples Comparison Everytime

However, because it is common to try and compare apples-to-apples with any type of new technology, the “apples” of LED lighting are not the same as the “apples” of traditional lighting. Those who are considering the purchase and use of LED lighting for street lighting expect manufacturers to provide them comparisons between the two while they decipher the semiconductor lingo.

This is challenging because the data on solid state lighting is different for LED lighting than the data of traditional lighting. It is best to look at the application of how the LED lighting will be used in comparison to the traditional lighting. In the past, the requirements of footcandle and lumen requirements were due mainly to traditional lighting technology’s characteristics.  Such as how the color rendering, correlated color temperature, the lumen depreciation and the uniformity differ across technologies and affect the visual sharpness of the illuminated charge.

What Should Be Specified for LED Street Lighting?

The concept of having directional task lighting isn’t a new concept, but in regards to parking lots and roadways, they have become more important. It is now essential to understand where the lumens are directed when comparing LED lighting products to other lighting systems for both day and night property appearance, quality and safety.

LED lighting for the streets produce distributed light patterns evenly making them more directional in comparison to the traditional street lamps which usually require more output. While LED lighting cost more than the traditional lighting initially, the cost are starting to come down as the requirements are increasing.