Want A New Home? Go Prefab homes!

By   May 10, 2015

Prefab homesAre you looking at buying a new home or maybe adding on to your existing home? Think about going with one of the prefab homes or prefabricated addition to you home. It is one of the most popular things happening today and you may not realize it, but they are more environmentally friendly too.

Instead of building your home on site as they have done traditionally for year, prefab homes are built by sections in a factory and then put together onsite.

What Makes Prefab Homes So Popular?

First of all, the construction phase is quicker. They aren’t as limited by weather conditions as site-built homes are. The weather only affects prefab homes on the day they are to be delivered and put together.

There is better quality control and they are insulated better too. Better insulation will help you with the utilities and that also helps the environment. There is actually more design flexibility with prefab homes too with over 100 different designs available, you’ll no doubt be able to create your dream home.

There is also less waste during the building process because much of what would be wasted onsite is recycled right there in the factory. They are also more environmentally friendly in the fact that what is used to build these homes comes from materials that have been recycled and reused as well. Not to mention the decrease in the energy use at a factory versus onsite helps the environment too.

Better Quality Homes

With prefab homes, your new home will have better protection from insects too.  A site built home is on the ground and the bugs and insects are making their homes in the materials that are lying around. With prefab houses, they are inside a factory and not exposed to the bugs and elements.

Prefab homes have a much closer quality inspection as well, giving you a better quality product. When a home is built better, the cost to cool and heat are going to be lower, helping not only the environment, but your pocket book too.