Today’s New Technology for Recycling Is Taking Us Back to the Future

By   February 14, 2016

RecyclingThe world is continuously moving in forward motion. We are constantly creating new products, new technology. We have cars, clothes, gadgets, and more. And now we are looking for ways of recycling those cars and gadgets.  There are companies, environmental groups, and scientists that are looking for process that are better for recycling what we have and creating things from recycled materials.

Consider tires for instance. There are environmental groups that have taken bold actions in this arena. In 2006 they engineered a new tire processing system that produced products like carbon, high energy gas & oil, and even steel by effectively recycling old tires.

How about circuit boards? There are printed circuit boards on just about everything we use today and when we’re done with the gadget, it goes in the trash. This as accounted for up to three percent in electronic waste until a group of Chinese scientist got together in 2008. They discovered a method of reusing fibers and resins from PCBs so that less and less is going to waste.

Good old fashioned Styrofoam has been another sore spot for environmentalists. At one time, it is said that as much as 14 million metric tons of this product is produced every year and the majority of it ended up in the landfills around the world. At a university in Dublin, a group of scientist found that bacterium is great for recycling Styrofoam and turning it into a useable plastic.

The one item that most of us just can’t live without is our cell phones. And when it comes to recycling these gems, Motorola has stepped up to the plate. Recently, by using recycled materials to manufacture a cell phone. It is said this is the first-carbon neutral phone in the world and is made from recycled water bottles.

 When it comes to making our homes more efficient, insulation plays a big part. A company, Ecovative Design has created a new product out of recycling mushroom fibers, rice hulls, and recycled paper. This new product called Greensulate repels water and prevents fire from spreading while it is resistant to changes in the temperature too.

Coming Up Next

We aren’t through yet with recycling materials for things we use every day. Keep your eye for new ways of waste management, more ways to recycle electronics and even more things you may never have thought possible! The end is only as close as we choose to quit trying.