Earth Day – What Green Technology Are You Utilizing Now?

By   April 26, 2015

Green TechnologyEvery day, the world is changing because of exciting and new technology. Things that make our lives easier help us to save money and time. What is needed most right now though is things that will help us not only minimize the damage to the Earth, but repair damage too. And with that two part goal in mind, here are something green technology ideas for the home.

Smart Thermostat
Over the past few years, this is probably the most exciting green technology gadget to become available. By installing a smart thermostat in your home, the amount of energy that is wasted is cut back dramatically. Homeowners are able to program their lifestyle habits so that they aren’t cooling and heating unnecessarily.

Solar Power
This isn’t really anything new in the realm of green technology, but solar power is more affordable now. Not to mention, the hiccups and kinks that many have experienced with Solar Power has gotten worked out as well.

Remote Control Homes
Not only can you enjoy what automation does for you at work, but you can have it in your home now too. Not only is that going to make life easier for you, but the energy and money you’ll save is a bonus. Today, you can control the alarm system, lights and temperature with you SmartPhone. While on vacation, there is no need to leave certain lights on all day and all night now. Simply turn lights on with your SmartPhone just as it is getting dark and then turn them off the next morning. Turn the air or heat down when you leave and then when you start home, use your SmartPhone to turn it on and your house will be cozy when you get there.

Power Adaptors
Not every device you have today needs all the power that comes to it by way of the plug-ins. Today there are companies that have designed power adapters that limit how much power certain devices get. This plug-in will turn off the power supply after the device’s demand are met.

By just using one or two of these things listed here, or any of the new exciting things on the market today, you can help repair what is damaged on Earth and help ease the pain for the future too.