Tips On How To Stay Warm While Being Green

By   October 3, 2015

being greenAutumn, fall whatever you call this time of year has arrived. The colors are vibrant. The air is crisp and filled with wonderful smells of apple cider, fireplaces and pumpkin. On the downside, this means that winter is soon to arrive and that means cold weather with ice and snow are soon to arrive too. And this brings us to the topic of this conversation: stay warm and being green.

Here we have provided a few tips to help you stay warm while being green this winter. Some of the ways are tried and true, but a refresher course won’t hurt anyone. And some of these may be new to you, which expanding your knowledge on how to stay warm while being green is always a valuable thing.

Whether where you live has just one or two days of cold weather or you have an outright cold winter for several months, these tips should be of interest to you. Maybe where you live, your rent includes the utilities or you pay your own utilities, you still should find ways to keep warm and practice being green as an effort to help save the environment.

  1. Keep The Windows Covered: As much as you may like letting the bright sunshine in on days that it does peak out during the winter, having heavy curtains hung and keeping them closed will help you stay warm. And after the initial expense of buying the heavy curtains, it is an inexpensive way for being green too by providing a barrier between the inside of your home and any cracks around the window and it’s framing that is letting cold air in and the heat out.
  2. Put It Under The Rug: For homes that have wood flooring or tile flooring, they can be cold on winter mornings which will send you to the thermostat to crank up the heat. For just a few dollars, you can purchase area rugs to place next to your bed so that first step out of bed isn’t a chilling shock. And buy a pair of house slippers to wear around the house as well to keep warm.
  3. How Low Can You Go: While you want to keep warm and be comfortable, you can keep being green by lowering your thermostat just a degree or two as the day warms up. And when you’re not home during the day, lower it enough for being green by to keep the house warm enough the pipes won’t freeze.
  4. Programmable Thermostat: For homes with central heat, you can keep warm when you’re there by using a programmable thermostat. The technology we have today is geared toward being green and programmable thermostats are one of the best things on the market. You set it to lower the temp when you aren’t home or while you’re asleep and under the coves.
  5. When Not In Use, Close It Off: Any room in your home that you aren’t using, close the door. There is no need to keep warm an area that isn’t in use. And if a time comes up that you need to use it, it won’t take long to heat it up. If your home is centrally heated, you need to close the vents as well as the doors.