Tips On How To Decorate Those Container Homes

By   February 12, 2016

Container HomesMore and more people are looking for housing that is functional but sustainable these days. And one of type of housing that is starting to take off is container homes. These are homes that built from shipping containers.  They are extremely affordable, right now anyway, and largely available in just about any large city.  You can have them moved to where ever you want and they are connected together end-to-end or side-to-side. They are even stacked in multiples of three and four. The ease in turning a basic shipping container into a comfortable and modern home is taking hold in the world of real estate.

But how do you decorate one? A shipping container is windowless, which of course won’t work for a home. So people have large windows installed, as well as skylights, which give container homes a lot of natural lighting. After that and the inside is finished out, you can do a lot when it comes to decorating container homes. Let’s take a look:

  • Bright and Bold Colors: Nobody can argue that shipping containers are pretty boring and dull, usually surface rust and maybe even some graffiti. To make them into container homes that are modern and sleek, you’ll need to brighten the walls with some bold and bright colors. Popular among those who are living in them are lavender, lime green, and turquoise.  Along with some bright colors, you can tone it down with some various shades of grey and white.
  • Clean And Crisp:It takes very minimal décor to change storage containers into container homes. By having large windows installed it makes the small size of a shipping container feel bigger. Find other ways to create storage beside the traditional closets so that you can keep the room big and flowing.
  • Choosing Accessories:When there isn’t much space, you don’t need much in the way of accessories and that is the number one rule of container homes. You are not going to have a lot of space, so don’t clutter it up with accessories and decorations. Less is more in this department!
  • And On The Outside:Don’t spend your entire budget decorating the inside, which will actually prevent you from over accessorizing. The exterior of a shipping container as we said earlier is pretty ugly. So you’ll want to get it painted and then add some overall appeal with plants, shrubs, trees, and walkways.