Tips For Green Living This Fall

By   November 2, 2015

Green LivingFall is already a month done and gone with the holidays ready to start rolling in next week. While time just flies by these days, we still need to practice green living habits and routines and now is just as good of a time as any to be sure we are doing as much green living as possible. Fall is the time of year that we all start getting prepared for the cold winter months ahead, which will include hibernating many days and nights.And there are many ways that we can all practice green living and be more sustainably in the fall and go into the winter months as well. There are some of the same rules to apply in the fall and winter months for green living practices as there are in the spring and summer. Things like turning off the lights when not in use, shortening our shower time and so many other green living practices.

A Few Fall Ideas For Green Living Practices

One of your green living practices this summer was planting a garden. You worked all summer cultivating that wonderful home vegetable garden and nurturing your fruit trees right? Well get those things harvested, picked and canned now before that first frost comes. You can turn that summer harvest of yours into some delicious eating for the winter by putting in a little work now.

Canning fruits and vegetables is becoming more popular with people these days for many reasons. First of all, it is healthier. There aren’t any preservatives in the stuff you plant. It is often cheaper to grown your own than to buy from the market too. And it is one form of green living that helps the environment because you aren’t driving the market to buy your food. And you aren’t supporting the companies that are trucking in the fruits & vegetables from other states.

Beside Green Living Practices In Garden

Green living practices this fall should include checking your vehicles tire air pressure. Cooler weather tends to pull air out of tires and low tire pressure can affect your gas mileage. This may seem insignificant in the whole picture of green living practices, but if we all paid attention to these small details, it would make a huge difference.

Prepare your home’s heating system now. Get it cleaned and tested by a professional is a contribution not only to green living but to your family and home’s safety. If you use space heaters or wood burning fireplaces, make sure they are free of dirt and dust that may have accumulated over the summer.

Bring your plants that have been outside this summer into the house. This will not only spare them from cold winter weather, but they can provide green living practice for your home with cleaner air during the winter. They will also brighten your home with some greenery during the dark and grey winter months.