Three Steps In Green Technology Advancement

By   October 27, 2015

Green Technology AdvancementEverywhere you look, everyone is concerned about finding clean energy these days. And green technology has advanced more than it ever has before in answer to those people. As it turns out, while the initial cost of some things may be expensive, the overall benefits down the road are repaying greatly, for your wallet and for the Earth.

So when it comes to using green technology from the ground up in the construction industry, what does that mean exactly? The construction industry covers a wide category from appliances that are energy-efficient to geothermal heating. There are multitudes of green technology ways to create a balance between using eco-friendly building materials for new construction to the cool advancements in green technology on the science side of the industry.

Since we don’t have room to cover every bit of green technology that is being used in the construction industry, we’re going to cover just three of them now. Check back with us at a later date as we’ll pick up where we leave off here with more green technology advancements in the construction industry.

1: Cool roofs are one of the best green technology advancements ever. They are designed to specifically offer homeowners an increase of solar reflectance as well as a decrease in thermal emittance. Meaning, cool roofs reflect the rays of the sun more than a shingled roof to keep the cool air and warm air either in or out, depending on the season inside the building.

2: One of the nastiest things in construction is insulation. If you’ve ever been exposed to fiberglass, you know what we’re talking about. The green technology of today though is being made from recycling a lot of other things. Since insulation isn’t seen once the home is completed, there is really no reason to worry about whether it’s a pretty pink or not, right?   Some of the recycled materials we’re seeing in the construction industry for insulation is cotton from old blue jeans. Then there is the green technology of recycling old newspapers into a Cellulose material for insulation.

3: Green technology has advanced in the process before building new too. Meaning that there are more and more ways being found to do things with the stuff that is tore down before the new building goes up, like finding eco-friendly ways to dispose of the building materials that come from tearing down a building. By using biodegradable materials to build, we can change the disposal process and make the tear down stuff more eco-friendly. For example, instead of creating a giant heap of scrap and waste products along with chemicals, the construction industry can use products that green technology has brought us that will degrade naturally and won’t contaminate the soil.