Three Exercises That Are Eco-Friendly

By   August 21, 2015

eco-friendlyWhen you make every effort in your day-to-day routine to be as eco-friendly as possible, shouldn’t you take that to your exercise routine too? While working-out to get healthier, make sure you add these three exercises. They won’t only help you, but they are eco-friendly as you reduce your carbon footprint too.

Take Up Walking

Exercise experts tell us that walking is probably the best exercise you can do. The recommended amount of walking for an adult is 10 thousands steps per day and that does not have to be all at one time either. You can purchase a pedometer to track how much you walk in a normal day, and then take a walk in the evenings to bump it up to that recommended amount.

Walking is great as a cardio work-out for the heart and it doesn’t strain your joints and knees. If possible, work to work or anywhere you have to go. This not only will get you exercise, but it will add to your contribution of being eco-friendly and helping the Earth.  Just by making the commitment for walking to at least one destination a week, you will begin to feel better yourself and help shrink the carbon footprint. Even better, no special equipment needed!

Go For A Run

Just like walking running is one of the best exercises you can do for yourself and be eco-friendly while doing it. There is no equipment required. No driving to the gym. And you’ll burn up more calories than you could with all the other exercise routines you’ll find.

You can buy eco-friendly running shoes and make your running even more environmentally savvy, like the new barefoot running shoes on the market today. They aren’t just eco-friendly for the environment, but they also make your running stride more natural.

It’s All in the Yoga

Your flexibility will improve with a regular yoga regimen as well as strengthen your core. Yoga practice can make you more aware of your body overall and show you how to meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways to become more aware of your surroundings in an eco-friendly way and yet it helps you to relax too. Yoga will teach you how to focus on your mind and help you find calmness among your daily life.  Move your daily yoga session outdoors and benefit from the calming effects of nature as well.

Eco-Friendly Tips

To be in good position for these 3 exercises, purchase a reusable water bottle, eco-friendly shoes and a biodegradable yoga mat. These are all things you’ll need to complete the exercises safely and they won’t leave much of a carbon footprint behind either.