There Are Many Challenges For Tiny Houses

By   October 7, 2015

Tiny HousesOver the past few years, tiny houses have become more and more popular. They are usually 100 square feet or less and while they offer great efficiency, there are some problems that are keeping them from replacing the mass of traditional size housing for the masses.

The building codes and zoning laws are the biggest challenges. It seems that tiny houses are such a small size that they aren’t fitting in any legal category and as such, since there the law hasn’t determined what to do with tiny houses, they simply aren’t allowing them.

Acceptance Of Tiny Houses Is Needed

Before more tiny houses can be allowed, the acceptance of them will have to come into play first. This is a different lifestyle and that means that the legality of them needs to be worked out before the masses can assume this lifestyle.

Another issue of tiny house is the cost. The majority of tiny houses aren’t mass produced at this time. They are built on-site, by hand with the use of efficient and high quality materials. As such, the cost per square foot of tiny houses is extremely high when compared to traditional site-built homes.

As such, for the most people, the idea of paying the same or even a higher price for tiny houses as they would a traditional home, isn’t a good value, regardless how environmental friendly it may be. The advantages of tiny houses and their efficiency are hard to sell just as the low impact they have on our natural resources is too.

Tiny houses is a niche market right now, but they do show a very practical example of how we can live much simpler in the modern context of today. It is yet to be seen if the lifestyle of tiny houses will become a lifestyle for the masses, but they have proved a point. The housing industry that is focused on these tiny houses will need to tackle these challenges, which are big and they are real, before the push for the masses will be accepting of them.