The Truth About OTC Green Cleaning Products

By   August 27, 2015

Green CleaningHow often do you grab a brush, sponge and cleanser when your bathroom is looking and smelling gross? You were green cleaning conscious and bought nothing but products that claim to be “green” and “environmentally friendly”, but are they really?

Those products that claim to be green cleaning may not be as safe for humans or the Earth as they claim to be. We already know that the traditional products on the market aren’t environmentally safe. They are full of toxic chemicals that burn your eyes and throat just using them – so who knows what they are doing to the water system!

There are companies that have made green cleaning products for centuries and are now offering green cleaning products too. However, there are chemical in those products too and they may not necessarily be safe either.

As such, there are companies that have gone that extra step to remove those toxic chemicals from their products. However, it has made them almost cost prohibitive for the average household. Just like the homemade green cleaning products, the commercial ones you can buy also take more elbow power to get things really clean. Which would make sense to follow our previous two blogs about making your own green cleaning products, right?

What we are starting to realize is that chemicals aren’t really necessary to clean. They make it easier, but they aren’t necessary. People today tend to lean toward being a germaphob for the most part and buy into these products that claim to clean better and sanitize better than other products. This isn’t necessarily needed though. You can good, sanitized clean with green cleaning products that you buy at the store or make your own.

Even those who work for the companies that make these “green” cleaning products will tell you that to clean and disinfect their own homes, they use natural products like baking soda, water and vinegar themselves over buying chemically induced green cleaning products.