The Progress Of Wind Power Is In Progress People!

By   February 15, 2016

Wind PowerWhen it comes to energy, the economy has an appetite that is insatiable. So this makes it even more important and urgent to find replacements and supplements to the fossil fuels we are impacting and using up.

And this, my friends is where wind power is one of the great discoveries for us. It is a clean energy source. It is a renewable energy source.

And the innovations that are being pursued in wind technology the past few years only remind us that there are better tools to get create more energy, such as the air around us. Let’s take a look at a few things that we have going for us in the world of wind power:

Wind Turbines – Airborn:

The Makani AWT (Airborne Wind Turbine) has the ability to access stronger wind consistently at altitudes close to thousand feet. That means that eighty-five percent of America could have sustainable wind power resource.  The Altaeros Airborne Wind Turbine is a device that utilizes helium-filled shells that enable it to reach high altitudes. Those altitudes give it access to stronger winds more consistently than tower-mounted turbines. This in turn, generates power that is sent to by tethers to the ground. According to the company, this can reduce the cost of energy as much as sixty-five percent simply by harnessing the wind at those high altitudes.

Low Speed Winds:

The Wind Harvester is made to use a reciprocating motion which utilizes horizontal aerofoils. They are similar to those the ones that aeroplanes use. It is noise-free and at a low speed, it generates electricity. That alone can result in new installations being less opposed by nay-sayers.

Wind Power without Blades:

To get wind power without blades, a hollow pole is filled with piezoelectric ceramic discs and electrodes are placed in between those ceramic disks. A cable is used to connect every other electrode from the bottom to the top of the pole. One cable is connected by even electrodes while the nother cable is connected by the odd ones. As the pole sways in the wind, it forces the stack of piezoelectric disks into compression and a current is generated.

There Are More Methods In Use

These are just a few of the methods used to generate wind power. Other methods are Wind Turbine Lenses, Vertical Axis Turbines, Quiet Wind Turbines, Wind Power Storage and a Community-Owned Wind Power which are built as cooperatives.