The IVCC Board Has Earned LEED Gold Certification

By   June 21, 2015

The U.S. Green Building Council  has awarded their prestigious LEED gold certification to Illinois

Valley Community College. The school’s 80,000 sf facility, Peter Miller Community Technology

Center, has met the standards from USGBC for showing they have exactly what the acronym of LEED

stands for:  Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.

Green Building CEO , S. Richard Fedizzi stated in a letter to the VP, Cheryl Roelfsema, the school’s CTC is a “showcase example of sustainable design” that demonstrates their “leadership in transforming the building industry.”

The building is home to students in management and other various career or technical programs. It earned high scores demonstrating their ability to control lighting by using daylight instead of artificial lighting as well as their heating and cooling system and low-emission parking. They have also proven ways to water the campus’ landscaping efficiently and built their facility using regional materials and recycled products.

Jerry Corcoran, IVCC President was quoted as saying “I’m very proud of this recognition, which so many people worked hard to achieve. It is aligned with our Vision Statement of ‘leading our community in learning, working and growing.’”

It is the hope of the board that more schools will seek to copy, mimic and improve what IVCC has accomplished, thus carrying on a tradition to win the coveted LEED award.