The Green Movement And Jobs

By   September 4, 2015

Green MovementNow that “being green” and “going green” has started getting more attention, what many call the “green movement”, some people are questioning how this will affect jobs. Well, it is actually already creating more jobs and right now, there isn’t any sign of that slowing down.

Back when Franklin Roosevelt was President of the United States, he created the New Deal Futurism. Many people didn’t like it back then, but now if you ask people about it, it was a good deal.

The same is to be said about the current green movement. Currently the unemployment rate is high, so it is hard to see how this green movement will create jobs. Here we offer a view of 4 jobs that can expect to see growth from the green movement.

Construction Industry: Med school is yesteryear when it comes to careers that will make the money. Construction is where the high school graduates need to focus the next decade. Over 30 companies in California have applied to build 24 gigawatts in solar thermal plants. Australia, the Mediterranean and San Diego are planning on Desalination plants.

The building boom that the green movement is going to create will be a contender to Roosevelt’s New Deal in terms of wide-spread success. World War II’s armament process and the 1950s interstate highway system won’t be anything compared to what the green movement is going to do.

Sustainability Officials: Currently, the majority sustainability officials within companies have happened upon accidentally. They were organizing the company recycling drive and found themselves appointed as the company official by default. With the green movement, more companies will make this a regular position. This position will be responsible for choosing the companies they will deal with on biofuel, HVAC, solar, wind and virtualization. The Sustainability Officer will be the next IT Manager hot job to have.

Biologist: In 1999, futurists talked about how industrial products development would be influenced by synthetic biology and genetics. Most people would simply nod in agreement but not really understand what was being said. Today though, thanks to the green movement we have an understanding. Names and words like Cambrios, Genomatica, and Microbes are becoming more commonplace.

Chemist: Chemists are going to be a hot job to fill with all the green drywall guys substituting chemical catalysts in the manufacturing of their products for heat. Where students were heading into computer science and electrical engineering at one time, the green movement will send them to chemical or mechanical careers now.

Check back with us as we will look at 6 more careers that the green movement is bringing to the job market.