The Green Movement And Jobs – Part 2

By   September 9, 2015

Green MovementIn our last piece, we discussed 4 jobs that the green movement has brought to the job market already, or will in the near future.  Here we are going to look at 5 more jobs that student of today need to plan their college degree around.

Land Use Planner: The green movement has shown us that we need to look at our transportation modes more carefully. The long commutes need to be shorter which will bring many people to the urban area and that will require more planning of land and creating streets and subdivisions.

Refuse Consultant: The green movement brings us biomass, recycling and just everyday trash will soon be sources of things we use every day:

  • Energy
  • Household Furnishings
  • Precious Metals
  • Raw Materials

Looking at the television market should be proof enough. Older television sets with a tube are over 20 percent lead. In 2005, California recycles approximately 65 million pounds of e-waste alone. In 2006 once the state recycling law was passed, as much as 120 million pounds was recycled.

Interior Designer and Building Operations Manager: As the green movement becomes stronger, commercial and residential structures will be required to be LEED-certified.  And while the cost to build according to the standards set by LEED-certification isn’t that expensive, it is all about proper planning and navigating. These 2 positions will be responsible for determining cost of which is more efficient and feasible:  paper pulp or recycled glass.

Food Scientist: Today it seems that Americans are either obese or getting sick from bad food (e Coli). The future will see a complete rework of the food chain and people will be buying locally. Stores like Trader Joe’s will become more the norm.

Interface Designer: Our cars, our thermostats and more are being built to be smarter and smarter, meaning they require software. With the green movement, the need for more software to be designed for more everyday items will be necessary. Every device we own today will eventually have been remade to fit the requirements of the green movement. From eco-pedal in Nissans to Ford’s Hybrids, the world of software will be involved in everything we do.