The Green Living Bathroom Is The Healthier Bathroom

By   December 21, 2015

green living bathroomNext to the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the next place where our natural resource of water is over-indulgently used. Here is more excessive waste of this precious resource not to mention the toxic chemicals we use to clean this room.

To make your bathroom more green living friendly, we offer you several approaches here that will make your bathroom go from water guzzling to a green living bathroom you can be proud of.

Water Conservation

One of the most effective ways to make your bathroom a green living bathroom is to enhance the eco-friendly features. Each member of the household most likely has certain habits they can change to minimize their water use, like bathing instead of showering. But there are also things that can be done in general to cut back water waste, like replacing leaky faucets.

By installing new shower heads that are low-flow, you will cut your water consumption by fifty percent. Install the new motion sensor faucets and members of the household won’t have any choice to cut back running water as they brush their teeth or wash their hands. And upgrade you toilet with a high-efficiency unit will save you as much as twenty percent making it a green living bathroom and adding more green to your wallet.

Clean Air

We aren’t talking about the odor that a bathroom can have but the humidity. This room is the highest in humidity and this can cause mold which causes allergies and irritates asthma. Upgrade the ventilation in this room that will allow the moist air to get pulled out. You can also place oxygen-producing plants to help reduce the humidity and absorb air pollutants and make this a green living bathroom you’ll enjoy.

Use Products that are Eco-Friendly

The amount of green living products for the bathroom is unlimited. Choose bath towels and hand soaps that are eco-friendly. And choose toilet paper that is made from recycle materials. You can even go with a green shower curtain! Instead of the traditional vinyl, this puts out a lot of toxic chemicals, look for one that is made of recycle materials without the toxicity.

Clean with Natural Products

All those fancy bottles and jars on the shelves at the store are eye-catching and promise a lot. But they all contain bleach and other ingredients that are harmful to the environment and your health. There are many household cleaners that are all natural and work just as well like vinegar.