The Going Green Motive Needs To Happen In Schools Too

By   September 1, 2015

Going GreenThe Administrators, Staff and Teachers in schools need to help with the going green motive. For most kids, they are the first line of defense in so many things and this includes the going green movement too. The skills that the generations in classes today learn are going to be the ones that will be making it work later.

Teachers Have A Mission For Going Green

Teachers can help educate the children in their classes gain a better connection to our environment and not by way of books either. They can do so much more hands-on and the kids will get more from that experience. Such as personal responsibility to going green by showing them concepts, assigning projects and providing them tips they can take home with them about going green.

You don’t have to have grants to teach kids about going green. Get their students in gear to create school-wide compost and recycle program. Instill zero-waste inside your classroom.  Teach kids about native plants and show them how calculate their carbon footprint on field trips and their trip to and from school every day.

Going Green With Gardening

Showing the kids how to plant and grow a flower or vegetable garden is one of the best ways to teach them about going green. Gardening can be eased into the assigned curriculum and the results will be a beautiful outdoor laboratory that is educating them about a sustainable environment.

With a school grown garden, you can teach the kids about eating organic and teach them how much healthier they can be by going green with what they eat. Teach them how to conserve energy in the class room by turning off computers and lights.

No School Support – No Problem

As much as you can, use things that are enviro-friendly in your classroom. The items you have the liberty to purchase choose things that are recyclable, repurposable or reuseable. And when possible, choose and purchase items that are made from recycled materials and explain these things to your students. It helps when they can see the full picture of recycling and how the extra efforts of going green work.