The Facts And The Myths: Solar Power

By   July 13, 2015

Solar PowerDo you realize that about one-third of the world has an electricity shortage? And while developed countries are searching ways to conserve power, on a small size scale, solar power is probably our best option when it comes to generating clean energy. This is why it is the one resource that has drawn the attention of many is solar power.

So what is solar power exactly? Putting it in simple terms, it is a way to generate electricity from the sun. When solar power is channeled as needed, it can generate enough electricity, and then some, for the whole world.

How Well Does Solar Acclimate To Climates?

When considering installing solar power, the biggest concern for many is how well it will acclimate to their current climate changes. Will it produce enough energy to meet their needs?  Another concern is if it will produce enough energy on cloudy days, especially if they live in an area that is cloudy a lot. And of course, the biggest question of all is if going solar is viable financially.

Best Areas For Solar Power?

The northern areas like the Pacific Northwest are the best for solar panels even though they get more cloud cover and rainy days compared to cities like Los Angeles. Why? Because they are cooler climates, they can work more proficiently. The Pacific Northwest area has longer summers that enable the solar panels to channel higher produced energy. There are Seattle homeowners who have solar panels and have enough electricity produced to get through the long summer and ease their winter heating bills too.

What Country Is Leading In Solar Power?

Believe it or not, Germany is leading the world in solar power use, even though they get less sunlight compared to the Pacific Northwest. This is because they are at higher latitude.  There is an increase every year of more people going to solar power for an alternative to generate electricity. There are several different other ways to ‘go green’, but solar power has proven to be the most effective way yet.